Dosatron D3WL3000IE VF 3,0m³/h 0,03-0,3% for chlorine

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Dosatron D3WL3000IE proportional dispenser specially designed for the dosing of chlorine and hypochlorites in water treatment.

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The proportional dispenser Dosatron D3WL3000IE is very suitable for the precise dosing of liquids. The dosing pump operates without electricity and is driven by the water flowing through it. The motor drives a piston in the dosing adjustment mechanism and in this way feeds the liquid medium to be dosed through. Because of the pure quantity proportional drive, the dosing pump also works very accurately and reliably in case of pressure fluctuations happening. The desired dosage rate can be changed very easily at the dosage adjustment mechanism of the D3WL3000IE.

The Dosatron dosing pump D3WL3000IE is especially developed for the precise dosage of chlorine and hypochlorites in water treatment. The disinfection of the water is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal with long time effect to the consumer. Because of the simple installation and the compact design, the proportional dispenser is also very well suited for mobile applications.

The advantages of the Dosatron chlorine dosing pumps are:

  • operates with water pressure - does not require any electrical energy
  • works with low pre-pressure (water reservoirs, elevations, mountain springs)
  • the precision is not affected by the pressure or volume flow of the water
  • the dosing rate (percentage addition) is easily adjustable
  • self-priming (also with outgassing dosing media)
  • low operating and maintenance costs

Technical specifications:

  • working range (water flow): 10l/h - 3,0m³/h
  • dosing range: 0,03 - 0,3%
  • operating water pressure: 0,3 - 6bar
  • operating water temperature: 5 - 40 ° C
  • water connections: 3/4 "external threat

In order to cover the wide range of applications and dosing media, the Dosatron proportional dispensers D07 are also available in other designs and with different sealing- and housing materials. If you would like us to help you with your choice, simply send us the maximum flow rate, the desired dosing rate and the safety data sheet of your medium by e-mail.

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